Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Best Worst Movie of the Year

I just found out the Lady in the Water is up for Worst Movie of the Year at the Razzies. It's so sad that no one liked this movie. I thought this movie was great.

I've always believed that even when his story isn't strong, M. Night Shyamalan has a way with a camera, and this film was no exception. Every camera placement was intentional, and even though they were a little pretentious at times, all the angles worked for me. Paul Giamatti never disappoints, and little Noah Gray-Cabey is excellent--just as he is on Heroes. I could've lived without having so much of Mr. Director in the movie, but hey, his movie, his choice.

So, if you didn't see this movie because of the horrible reviews, give it a chance. It's a light story that's slightly predictable but interesting just the same. If you didn't see this movie because the last M. Night movie you liked was The Sixth Sense, skip it by all means.



k8 said...

I actually did a little dance of joy when I saw that posting. :l

I understand what you're saying here. I have a deep respect for people who have "a way with a camera", but that can only take me so far. I need a good story as well. Not that his stories aren't "good" by most people's standards...I just wish he'd mix it up a little.

I fall into the group who hasn't seen an M. Night movie I liked since the Sixth Sense...and even then...

I was so disappointed in Signs, that it actually turned me against all his future movies.

Giamatti is always great to watch...which is why I'm glad I have several others from which to choose... :)

k8 said...

How 'bout this...if I promise to be OPEN to seeing the Pursuit of Happyness, will you feel better?? :) I was just aiming for sanity this year and I think 5 Oscar movies is a pretty decent goal...but I'll consider 6 for you! :)

Tim said...

I don't care what people say. I think this is his best movie. Even better then Sixth Sense... which is his only other good movie.