Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 Winter Preview

The weather is getting a little more crisp, and the crappy run of movies between the end of summer and late fall are finally leaving theatres. It's time for the awards season heavy hitters, and here is my list of what I'd like to see.

This list is coming a little late, or it would have included Burn After Reading, which is wonderfully hilarious, and Eagle Eye, which is a fun, escapist movie. I am, though, going to include a few movies that may or may not have already left a theatre near you. Look at it as a good DVD list to get started.

*Click on the titles to see the trailers.

Rachel Getting Married (October 3)
Anne Hathaway is getting buzzed by Oscar big time on this one. Even though the storyline sounds like a more serious version of Sandra Bullock's 28 Days, I really do want to see it. I'm always interested in actors breaking out of their molds.

City of Ember (October 10)
This movie is already on my Netflix list. I love family action movies, and I love fantasy movies. This is a family action fantasy movie from the director of Monster House. I'm on board.

What Just Happened (October 17)
Does anyone remember back in the day when Robert DeNiro used to act? From the looks of the preview, I think he may have just remembered those days himself. I've always liked Hollywood industry movies, so I'll probably enjoy this one. I just don't know if it's for everyone who's not "in the know."

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
(October 31)
Kevin Smith has brought us brilliance by way of Clerks and Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith has also brought us crap by way of Jersey Girl and Clerks II. Thankfully, Zack and Miri looks to be closer to brilliance with a little crass thrown in instead of the other way around. And if it's not brilliant, at least I'll have a great laugh.

Slumdog Millionaire
(November 12)
For the most part, I'm a Danny Boyle fan. (I could've done without Sunshine and The Beach.) I've also got to give credit to screenwriter Simon Beaufoy for such a fascinatingly original idea. Let's just hope the execution is as interesting on screen as it seems on paper.

Quantum of Solace
(November 14)
Of course I'm going to see the new Bond movie! Why wouldn't I? Daniel Craig is the best bond since Connery.

The Soloist (November 21)
I don't know if I mentioned that I've jumped on the Robert Downey, Jr. bandwagon, but I have. Even if he wasn't in this movie, I'd probably see it. There's a chance of a forced emotional storyline and overdone performances, but I'm willing to take that risk because it very well may be as good as the trailer makes it out to be.

Four Christmases (November 26)
Vince Vaughan makes me laugh. That's all I'll need this close to Thanksgiving.

Austrailia (November 26)
The last time Baz Luhrmann directed Nicole Kidman, it was in the genius Moulin Rouge! Now he's attacking an epic story on a very epic scale...and Hugh Jackman is there to boot. Oh yeah, I'm seeing this one.

Doubt (December 12)
Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Philip Seymour Hoffman are names I like to see in the credits, especially in a meaty story like this. A rigid nun accuses a priest of molesting a boy in the school. Is she right, or is she just looking for vengeance against a man who isn't as traditional as she? The Catholic Church is going to have a field day with this movie.

Seven Pounds (December 19)
Will Smith and director Gabriele Muccino team up for the second time (the first was in The Pursuit of Happyness), and it looks fascinating. I have no idea what this movie is about. I've watched the trailer three times, and I'm still not sure. But I'm eager to see it. Whoever made this trailer should teach a clinic in proper ways to tease an audience about a movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (December 25)
A story about a man who's aging in reverse. If that idea alone doesn't grab you, maybe Brad Pitt being that man helps?

Frost/Nixon (December 25)
This movie is based upon a stageplay of the same name...with the same leads. The play got rave reviews in London, so I think it will be intriguing on the big screen as well. Plus, Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are fascinated character actors.

Bedtime Stories (December 25)
Say what you will about Adam Sandler, but this movie looks adorable!

Marley & Me (December 25)
Every time I'm in Barnes and Noble, the book Marley & Me catches my eye. Now, it's going to be a movie. A movie that seems more suited to Jennifer Aniston than to Owen Wilson, but as I said about Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married, I'm always interested in actors breaking out of their molds.

Revolutionary Road (December 26)
I am unlike a majority of the world who absolutely adored the movie that made Kate and Leo famous, but I am interested to see them reunited on screen. Even though Titanic wasn't spectacular, the two gave great performances. Also, 11 years has made Leonardo DiCaprio a better actor which should make the reunion that much more interesting.

So what are you looking forward to seeing? What do you think can wait for DVD? Let me know!

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Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I am dying to see Australia and really hope it ends up being as good as Baz Luhrmann's previous movies. The new James Bond will probably be entertaining as well, but I could wait for that one on DVD.