Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Oscar Night

OK. So I've now seen all but one of the Best Picture nominees. Juno is still my top pick of the year. I loved, loved, LOVED Atonement even though it might win the award of most depressing movie of the year. I also very much enjoyed There Will Be Blood (Daniel Day-Lewis is flawless, as always), but I still think No Country for Old Men was a better dark movie. Michael Clayton is on a short wait at Netflix, and I just couldn't get it in time. It doesn't matter because I still think I can make an educated prediction for tonight's Big Show.

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men
Yeah, yeah, Juno could totally pull a Crash and sneak in and be the upset, but I just don't see it happening. There Will Be Blood was a fantastic film, but the harshness of it might turn off some people. Strange, really, because I found No Country to be a little more harsh, but I have to go with the critics on this one. No Country is definitely the front runner.

Best Director: The Cohen Brothers
It's their year. They deserve it. 'Nuff said.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
This is like last year with Forest Whitaker. There are five great actors in this category, but seriously no one holds a candle to Day-Lewis.

Best Actress: Julie Christie
I haven't seen Away from Her, but Christie's performance is winning awards left and right. I think she's got this one. If not her, I say Ellen Page would be a very much loved upset.

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem
Yeah, I'll be mad if he doesn't win. His performance was impeccable and perfect. Hands down, he's taking home the little golden man.

Best Supporting Actress: Amy Ryan
This is the only major category about which I'm not really sure. Of the nominees, I've only seen Saoirse Ronan's performance in Atonement, and I've just seen clips of the other women. I just think that what I saw of Amy Ryan was seriously impressive. Maybe I'll get a chance to watch Gone Baby Gone before the award is given out.

Best Screenplay, Original: Juno
If this incredibly wonderful movie wins nothing else tonight, it's winning this. America will be treated to the colorful language of Diablo Cody when she gives her acceptance speech tonight.

Best Screenplay, Adapted: No Country for Old Men
The closest competition in this category is There Will Be Blood, and to me, the script is Blood's weakest point. That movie is all about direction and cinematography and body language--these are things you don't really get on the page. No Country is solid in its storytelling and has some great dialog gems throughout.

Best Editing: No Country for Old Men
I must follow tradition on this one. The best picture usually wins best editing. This award should go to The Bourne Ultimatum though. That was an editor's dream project.

Best Cinematography: There Will Be Blood
Stunningly beautiful shots and some incredible composition will win this one for sure.

Best Animated Feature: Ratatouille
It's Pixar. I know that a Pixar movie lost last year, but it was because Happy Feet was carrying a message that made the voters feel better about themselves. None of that this year; Pixar's bringing it home!

Best Score: Atonement
I don't even know if it will win, but it was the most stirring and most original of the bunch. It should win.

Best Song: Once, "Falling Slowly"
I would love for this to go to "That's How You Know," but since Amy Adams got snubbed in the acting category, I'm think the Academy is going to completely overlook Enchanted. The quirky win would go to "Falling Slowly,"

And the rest...
Best Foreign Language Film: EW says The Counterfeiters. I have no idea.
Art Direction: Sweeney Todd
Documentary Feature: No End in Sight
Documentary Short: Freeheld (an EW vote again)
Sound Editing: Transformers
Sound Mixing: Transformers (even though my dark horse is No Country)
Visual Effects: Transformers (Micheal Bay's films are very good at winning this stuff.)
Best Makeup: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (because if Norbit wins, I might throw up.)
Best Costume Design: Sweeney Todd
Best Short, Live Action: The Tonto Woman seems visceral and the stills look stunning.
Best Short, Animated: I'm going to say My Love (Moya Lyubov) because the director's been nominated three times before.

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