Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2007, the Cliff Notes

Well, I looked at last year's list, and I didn't post it until February 4, so I'm doing pretty good for myself, if I may say so.

This is my Best of the Year List. I don't like ranking movies because it just takes so much effort without much reward. Instead, I like to categorize them. It's easier this way, and I don't feel that I'm giving any good movies the short end of the stick.

So, without further ado, my list of great films from 2007.*

Best Drama: No Country for Old Men
Tommy Lee Jones. Javier Bardem. The Coen Brothers. Who knew that this was a combination made in film geek heaven? I still stand by my statement of this not being the best Coen Brothers movie, but it is, hands down, the best drama I saw last year.

Happiest Little Film: Juno
I laughed really hard. I cried a little at the end. And even though I've seen it twice, I want to see it again. Spectacular filmmaking all 'round.

Best Comedy: Knocked Up
Granted, Juno fits here as well, but in terms of pure laugh-out-loud comedic goodness, nothing was better than Knocked Up.

Three Reasons Indies Should Be Made: Lars and the Real Girl, Waitress, and The Namesake
Man, it was a good year for the independent film. Ryan Gosling, once again, is hitting my radar with his spectacular turn as Lars, the guy who fell in love with a sex doll. Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion blew me away and brought me to tears in Waitress. The Namesake isn't exactly what I'd call life-changing, but it did make me remember why I love movies so much.

Most Fun I've Had All Year: Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead is better, but it didn't come out last year, so it's not on my list. Edgar Wright (writer/director), Simon Pegg (writer/star), and Nick Frost (co-star) make up one of the greatest comedy teams to come out of the UK. I love them, and I will definitely see everything they make!

Most Visually Stunning: Sweeney Todd
I might be a little bias because I love Tim Burton so much, but the man's visual storytelling style is amazing. From the costumes to the sets to the makeup to the cinematography--everything was just pure eye-candy.

Best Musical: Enchanted
This movie could've been in the "Most Fun I've Had All Year" category. The music was great. The dance numbers were hilarious. A great Disney movie all around.

Best Foreign Film: Black Book
Gripping story, great acting, and beautiful visuals all add up to a perfectly excellent reason to read your movie.

Best Animation: Meet the Robinsons
I know! I passed up the Pixar movie for the straight up Disney one, but I loved this movie. It's weird and funny...and weird.

Best Sequel: Bourne Ultimatum
2007 was the year of the sequel. There were good ones--Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There were bad ones--Spider-Man 3. And then there was the mother of them all. Bourne Ultimatum is exactly what a sequel should be--just as good as the original.

And now for the rest (in alphabetical order):
3:10 to Yuma
Charlie Wilson's War
Dan in Real Life
The Lookout
Reign Over Me
Smokin' Aces

*Please remember that this list may be amended after I catch up on my movie-watching.

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